Here are the results of the Friday Morning Poll heard today on The Big Z.  Tune in each Friday during Let's Talk Special Edition from 10am-Noon and take the poll.  If you missed it, leave your comments below:



Which presidential candidate has the best plan for dealing with terrorism?

None - 60%

Not sure - 20%

Ted Cruz - 20%



Which monthly bill do you most hate to pay?

Cable TV - 40%

Water, Home insurance, Property Tax, Home phone, electric, car payment - (Tie) - 10% each




What's you favorite way to eat eggs (scrambled, over easy, hard boiled, etc)?

Scrambled - 50%

Omlet, Over Easy - (Tie) 20% each

Hard boiled - 10%




Peeps, Cadbury Eggs, or Jelly Beans?

Peeps - X                                      

Cadbury Eggs - 20%                        

Jelly Beans - 80%                  


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