Today on The Big Z, it was another edition of the Friday Morning Poll during Let's Talk Special Edition.  Here's what our listeners said, what about you?  Leave your comments in the "comment" section:


Do you favor increasing the state income tax to 5% to solve the state budget stalemate as long as there's a corresponding cut in spending?

YES - x

NO - 100%

Is the flag flown at half-staff too often, not enough, or just right?

Too Often - 17%

Not Enough - 17%

Just Right - 67%



What's your preferred cable news channel?

CNN - 17%

FOX - 33%


None - 50%


Egg Nog, Fruit Cake, or Mincemeat pie?

Egg Nog - 33%

Fruit Cake - X

Mincemeat - 17%

NONE - 50%


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