Today on the Friday Morning Poll we asked the following questions.  What is your opinion.  Leave it in the comment section.


Which do you think is the biggest influence in the rise in terrorism…The climate…Income inequality…Social Media…  Government…Or Other?



Soc Med - 16%        


Other - 84% (including all of the above and religious beliefs)


Was Godfrey right to lower its tax levy, or should it have remained the same to save for future projects?

Lowered - 68%              

Same - 16%              

Don’t Know - 16%



Is there any one event that is a must for you and your family during the holiday season?

Look at Christmas lights in neighborhoods

Visit Rock Spring Park

Go to school plays

Go to Christmas Eve service

Cut down Christmas tree


What’s the oldest thing in your fridge?

Jar of mustard

stuffed olives (2010)

Garlic sticks (2014)

Soy sauce (2008)

Werewolf hot sauce (2010)

Seasonal Beer (2015)


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