Illinois' conceal carry law has been in place for over a year.  Have you purchased a weapon for that purpose, or do you plan to in the future?


YES - 55%

NO - 45%



Earlier this week during a protest that shut down I-70 in St. Louis, a motorist drove through the line of protestors.  Should she be charged with endangering lives?


NO - 100%



You have to vote today for president and your choices are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  Who gets your vote?


TRUMP - 73%




What is your favorite ad icon?

Mr Whipple, Pillsbury Doughboy, Polar Bears (Coke), Steve Mizerany, Mother Nature (Chiffon Margarine), Dave Thomas (Wendy's), Smokey the Bear, Duke the dog (Bush's Baked Beans), Wendy's (Red head girl), Stan Freeburg (Contadina Tomato Paste).