Rod Blagojevich now claims he has an addiction for  which he needs treatment, which would cut time off his 14 year sentence.  Do you believe he truly has an addiction, or is it a ploy to cut his time in the slammer?


Addicted - 17%                                        

Ploy - 83%                                        

The City of Alton plans a train and bus station for the Wadlow Muny Golf Course property.  Is this a good use of the existing green space/


Yes   -  50%                                               

No   - 50%                                    


The war in Iraq  has officially ended.  Do you approve of the way it was brought to a conclusion, or would you have liked a more gradual draw-down of American troops?


Approve  -  83%                               

More gradual  -  17%                                   


Which popular holiday drink do you prefer: hot chocolate, hot apple cider, egg nog, or name your own?


Hot Chocolate  -  42%                    

Cider  -  none                  

Egg Nog   -  33%                  

Other - Irish Coffee - 25%