Do you believe there is a traffic congestion problem in the Alton-Godfrey area?  

YES - 36%

NO - 64%


The Madison County Board wants to hire an investment firm to oversee the work of the Madison County Treasurer.  Is this a waste of $28,000?

YES - 93%                                      

NO - 7%                       


In the Ferguson shooting case: do you think local media, particularly TV stations, have been responsible in their reporting, have they been fear mongering, or is it somewhere in the middle?

RESPONSIBLE -  21%                               

FEAR - 42%                              




Give yourself a letter grade for your driving skills?  What about other people?


                             A                 B                 C                 D                


ME                      35%            43%           12%              -


OTHERS               -               28%           44%             28%


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