The White House sent three representatives to the funeral of Michael Brown in Ferguson, yet sent none to the service for James Foley, the journalist who was beheaded by ISIS.  Do you see this move by the White House as being OK, as playing politics, or as racial pandering?


OK - 14&

Politics - 0%

Pandering - 86%



Alton Park & Recreation has delayed a possible plan to make beer available ot the concession stand at Gordon Moore Park.  Should the city allow beer to be routinely sold in the park?


Yes - 14%

No - 86%



Gov. Pat Quinn says he didn't know about the Illinois Department of Transportation circumventing the rules against politically motivated hiring involving 58 workers with the title "staff assistant."  Do you believe the governor?


Yes - 0%

No - 100%



What's your favorite Kenny Rogers song?


Ruby - 58%

The Gambler - 14%

Islands In The Stream - 14%

None - 14%


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