Are the children coming across the southwestern border more accurately classified as refugees or illegal aliens?


Refugees -           18%            

Illegal Aliens - 73%                   

Don't know  - 9%


Suggest stage names for Sam and Mark:


Sam                                                                      Mark

Sam Gamma                                                      Mark Clark

Frick                                                                    Frack

The Stemm of Knowledge                              Mark the Spark

Tweedle Dumb                                                         Tweedle Dee

Slammin Sam                                                   Markee

Sam the Sham                                                 Markle Farkle

Sam Beside the Dam                                            Mark the Important Part

Radio Sam                                                           On the Mark

Rex Fire                                                               T-Mark Quick

Sam the Man                                                   Mark is Right



Do you believe bike patrols by local police are an effective crime fighting technique?


Yes - 100%                                       

No -                              



Toilet paper:  over or under?


Over  - 72%                                      

Under - 18%         


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