Here are the results of the Friday Morning Poll from Let's Talk Special Edition, heard each Friday from 10am-Noon on The Big Z:


If you were President, would you have made the prisoner swap for Pvt. Bowe Bergdahl?

Yes - 13%                                                   

No - 87%                                          



Should the Madison County Treasurer be looking into the activities of the St. Clair County Treasurer?

Yes - 38%                                                   

No - 62%                                 



Have you ever--------

---been up in the Arch?

Yes - 38%                                         

No - 62%                                          


--visited Cahokia Mounds?

Yes - 87%

No - 13%

--taken a tour of the Anheuser Busch  Brewery?            

Yes - 50%                                         

No - 50%                                          



During the summer, where do you get most of your produce?

Farmers Market, roadside stand, local farmer - (TIE) - 25%

grocery store, grow it - (TIE) - 13%


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