Former county treasurer Fred Bathon and two co-conspirators received sentences of 18 to 30 months in prison, with Bathon receiving the stiffest penalty.  Is that enough prison time based upon the $17 million dollar burden imposed on taxpayers by their actions?


Yes - 12%                                                    

No -  88%                                          


Is the proposed tax of one-cent per ounce on soda a good idea?


Yes -   12%                                                  

No -  88%                                       


Does it strike you as odd that the Alton Police Department had to go to Bosnia to get a police dog as opposed to finding one domestically?


Yes -   50%                                                 

No -    38%                                        

Don't know -  12%


Beach or pool?


Beach - 50%                                             

Pool - 50% 


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