Do you believe the controversy surrounding Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson is legitimate, or do you believed it's contrived to garner publicity?


Legit - 75%                                              

Contrived - 12%                                       

Don't know - 12%



Have continuing revelations about NSA data collection caused you to change your mind about whistle-blower Edward Snowden?  Do you now believe he's a patriot or a traitor?



No - 88%                                              

Don't know - 12%


Patriot - 37%                                            

Traitor - 63%                                          



Do you believe roadside safety checks keep you safe?


Yes - 75%                                                

No - 25%                                                  



Which category best describes you with regard to Christmas music:  you can't get enough and will be sorry when it's gone, or it's beginning to wear on you and you'll be happy not to have to hear it anymore?


Can't get enough - 29%                                  

Wearing on you - 71%                              


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