As Illinois prepares to put its regulations in place for hydraulic fracturing, an opponent of the whole thing says homeowners near potential fracking sites should be prepared. The legislature and governor this year approved a set of regulations for the process, which shoots water, sand, and chemicals into the ground to force out oil and gas deposits. It’s lucrative, with one business leader quoted as saying Illinois could become the next Saudi Arabia.

“Anybody that feels like they are going to be within a mile of a fracking site should have their water tested,” says Annette McMichael, communications director for the group Southern Illinoisans against Fracturing Our Environment (SAFE). “I would do that as soon as a permit has been issued for your specific area.”


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McMichael says the test would serve as a baseline against which the effects of fracking, provided there are any, can be measured.

She adds that fracturing won’t be simply a Southern Illinois thing, saying explorations have gone as far north as Mattoon, Decatur, Peoria, and La Salle County.

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