There’s a scientific component to the negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program, which is where an Illinois congressman comes in. U.S. Rep. Bill Foster (D-Naperville) says he has been receiving classified briefings on the negotiations to help with some of the technical aspects of the deal, like how to guarantee that even if Iran breaks the agreement, it would take the country at least one year to have a nuclear weapon.
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“It’s as important that it’d be as long as possible so that if they do decide to break out of the treaty, or we catch them cheating massively, that we have time to react diplomatically, economically, before we act militarily,” Foster said.Foster says the fact he’s the only physicist and Ph.D. scientist in Congress gives him a unique perspective on the Iran negotiations. He won’t say whether he supports the agreement, as it hasn’t been finalized yet. The deadline for reaching a final deal is June 30.