The Foster Grandparent program has been around for decades, pairing seniors 55 or older with school children around the area.  These kids often come to the grandparents through the Head Start program, day cares, or other public and private schools.  Senior Services Plus organizes the program in the Riverbend, and is always looking for new Foster Grandparents.

The pay is only $2.65 an hour, but that is tax free and many say the emotional reward is greater than any paycheck.  Colleen Gaskill, project director at Senior Services Plus, says potential Foster Grandparents must be able to pass an FBI background check and meet income eligibility guidelines.

Gaskill comments

There is an orientation training program that potential foster grandparents must go through, and then more when they are sent to the site they are assigned to.  The program allows grandparents to work with children from birth to the age of 18.  

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