Former Senator Alan DixonMore than twenty years after he left politics, we're again hearing from Alan Dixon.  The former U. S. Senator has written a book, The Gentleman from Illinois. Dixon, who lives in Fairview Heights, was ousted from his 43-year political career in the 1992 Democratic primary, when Carol Moseley-Braun won a three-way primary. Dixon blames backlash against his vote to confirm now-U. S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.
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“I found nothing against his reputation in the hearing,” Dixon said, adding “it was pretty obvious he had a relationship” with sexual harassment accuser Anita Hill.  As for his book – which he wrote in longhand on legal pads – “Everything in there, and some of it is pretty daggone shocking, is true. It's true,” Dixon said. “It happened the way it is written.”  Dixon says he prefers Democratic challenger Bill Daley in the Illinois gubernatorial primary, he believes President Obama is more liberal than Dixon is, and the political / financial climate of nonstop fund-raising is out of control.
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