Who better to opine on the governor's race than someone who had the job for 14 years?  Jim Thompson says he has no problem helping any of his successors, though he does not have much contact these days with either Gov. Pat Quinn or Republican challenger Bruce Rauner.  “I like Bruce,” says Thompson.  
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“He’s a very smart guy (and) a very tough guy.  I don’t think it’s fair to dig into his business career, which is a whole different thing that involves questions that don’t have anything to do with the governor’s race.  I was sorry to see that negativity there. And the same thing could be said on the other side.  You know, you can’t blame Gov. Quinn for everything.”  Thompson says he won four elections for governor without negative campaigning.  Back to Rauner – can he find the levers of government and work them effectively?  “Oh, you learn pretty quickly,” Thompson said, laughing.
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