A former supervisor of the Alton Area Employees Federal Credit Union has pleaded guilty to charges of financial institution fraud. 26 year old Kalicza Tegal-Mills of Plainview was charged in September in federal court in East St. Louis for actions taken over a four year period, ending in 2010. She entered the guilty plea earlier this week.

With the plea, Tegal-Mills admits she defrauded the credit union by increasing personal loan amounts without supervisory approval and without completing proper loan papers. Tegal-Mills worked as the Vice President of Operations, Loan Officer, Member Service Representative, and Teller Supervisor between 2006 and last year. Tegal-Mills made a wire transfer of credit union funds to purchase a truck for which no loan was put on the books of the bank nor were payments made to the credit union. The Alton Area Employees Federal Credit Union was formerly located on Humbert Road, across from Alton High School. It merged with 1st MidAmerica Credit Union earlier this summer. Tegal-Mills could face up to 30 years in prison and a $1-million fine. Sentencing is scheduled for March 5, 2012.