Foreign policy may or may not be the biggest issue in the 2016 presidential race. As John Gregory reports, it depends on which party’s strategists you’re asking.
Speaking to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, former senior advisor to President Obama, David Axelrod, says he expects economic issues to dominate the campaign.
He cautions, however, that the prevailing issue can change quickly, like it did during Obama’s 2008 campaign when the financial crisis hit.
“For sure, something is going to be an issue in this election that none of us on this panel know,” Axelrod said.
Republican strategist Alex Castellanos, who worked on the campaigns of George W. Bush and Bob Dole, feels foreign policy is a major issue for Republican candidates. He says their expertise in that field may vault someone new to the position of frontrunner when, as he predicts, Donald Trump’s popularity tails off.
“Are you as strong as our fears? That’s what we’re looking for,” Castellanos said. “If a Jeb (Bush) grows, if a (Marco) Rubio grows, if a Carly Fiorina grows, it may be one of them.”
Castellanos feels Fiorina and Rubio in particular have boosted their candidacies by their answers on foreign policy questions in debates.