You can’t be a police officer without a gun, but the head of the police union in Chicago says his members need assurance they can get professional help if necessary and still keep their jobs.   An Illinois House committee has passed a bill which would allow officers to get their firearm owners’ ID card back after a brief spell of treatment.

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Mark Donahue, Chicago FOP president, said it’s important officers be able to get “assistance for a variety of issues, including PTSD and alcohol dependency.”  Donahue says sometimes the insurance company is notified the patient is occupying a “mental health bed,” thus taking away his or her FOID card.   The sponsor, State Rep. Dena Carli (D-Chicago), herself a Chicago police officer, said Chicago is the only police department in Illinois which requires a FOID card as a condition of employment.   H.B. 4673 has passed the House Executive Committee.


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