The City of Grafton is dealing with the prospects of major flooding over the next several days, with a slow fall predicted after a quick rise over the weekend.  After checking in at about 22 feet last Wednesday, the Mississippi River climbed to 29 feet by Sunday morning, which is the marker to be considered major flooding.  It is not expected to return to that point until Saturday, cresting today at 30.8 feet.

As a result, much of downtown is under water, and portions are not accesible, according to Grafton Police Chief Chris Sullivan.

Sullivan comments

You can still get to Grafton by using the so-called "back way" into town - Route 3.  Once you get there, a number of businesses will be closed, but many are still open as well.  Those that are open include Mississippi Half Step, the gas station, the Ruble Hotel, post office, and many of the wineries in the middle portion of town.  

(Photo courtesy Alton Regional Convention and Visitor's Bureau)

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