The Illinois man who made national headlines for charging only five dollars for a doctor’s appointment has died.
Dr. Russell Dohner died early Friday in his sleep. He’d been practicing medicine in Rushville for 60 years, retiring at the age of 88 only two years ago. Molly Sorrell of Culbertson Memorial Hospital in Rushville says Dohner was a great man.
“He took care of patients in the hospital, out of the hospital, in his office, insurance, no insurance,” Sorrell says. “It didn’t matter what kind of person you were, he was going to see you.”
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Sorrell recalls the lines that would start forming at his office and, at times, would exist until past 7:00 at night. Dohner stayed until there were no more patients to see – at that time, he’d call the local pharmacy and let them know he was done for the day.
Dohner was also known for writing prescriptions for a scoop of ice cream for children from said pharmacy if they were feeling sick.
Dohner charged $2 for house calls when he started out, and was upset when he had to increase the fee to $5. Sorrell says she’ll remember a lot about Dr. Dohner, but mainly the smile on her children’s faces when they saw him at church every Sunday.
He was 90.
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