The defense was hoping for probation, but prosecutors were looking for 15 years. In the end, a Madison County judge sentenced a former SIU-E student convicted of attempting to make a terrorist threat to 5 years in prison. 26-year-old Olutosin O. Oduwole went before a judge on Wednesday to learn his fate after a jury found him guilty of the Class 1 felony in late October.

A note found in Oduwole's car in 2007 allegedly spelled out a threat to go on shooting spree similar to the deadly massacre at Virginia Tech. His defense team claims that was nothing more than lyrics to a rap song. The defense had tried to suppress evidence obtained in the search, to no avail. The note demanded 50-thousand dollars be deposited into his PayPal account within seven days, otherwise a, quote, "murderous rage" would take place on the campus. Ammunition was also discovered in the vehicle. A search of his apartment turned up a gun. Oduwole was taken back into custody following the sentencing.