If Gov. Pat Quinn wants any advice on how to decide whether to close any state facilities, he need only take a short walk from his office to the treasurer’s office.   Dan Rutherford (pictured) says the Illinois Department of Transportation has a five-year construction plan, and the entire state government, he says, would be well served to follow that example.


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Rutherford says it’s all part of running government like a business, and he’s speaking not necessarily as treasurer, but as an Illinoisan with business experience. Does this sound like a gubernatorial campaign? “I’m not out running for governor right now; that decision will have to be made sometime in the future,” he says. “But I do know that I’ve been through this: as a state senator from a community that has had a governor abruptly announce the closure of a major state facility without any planning in place.” He’s referring to former Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s intent to close the state prison at Pontiac.   Rutherford held a news conference in Jacksonville Monday evening, not far from a mental health facility the governor wants to close. Rutherford’s announcement came within 48 hours of Quinn’s budget speech.


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