The fifth anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling isn’t a cause for celebration for some.  A few dozen protesters gathered in Chicago Wednesday to call on legislators at both the state and federal level to do something to overturn the ruling, which struck down limits on campaign contributions by corporations, unions, and trade associations.
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Rey Lopez-Calderon, executive director of Common Cause Illinois, says the result has been a flood of campaign cash coming from a few hundred extremely wealthy donors, allowing them to influence elections in a way that was previously impossible.
“I think they said 140 people that they were targeting,” Calderon said. “That’s what our media is talking about now. Let’s find out what the handful of people who can afford to rig the system have to say.”
While the Illinois General Assembly voted in 2013 to support amending the U.S. Constitution to reverse the decision, Calderon says in practice, candidates in the state have taken advantage of the new rules to enrich their campaign chests.
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