The head of the University of Illinois Institute for Government and Public Affairs says he's just as surprised as anyone five of the corruption convictions against former Governor Rod Blagojevich have been overturned.

Director Chris Mooney says the rulings were fairly technical in nature.  For example, "One was on the instructions to the jury," Mooneys says.  "They were saying the judge sort of threw these potential
Mooney says the jury likely couldn't tell what Blagojegich might have been trying to trade for.

He says he doesn't know what it will do to Blagojevich's sentence, but believes the first two trials were so long, federal prosecutors won't go there again.

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J.Steven Beckett, director of the University of Illinois Trial Advocacy Center, says it is possible Blagojebvich's sentence will be reduced.

"The overwhelming negativity about his administration tied a lot to the Senate seat appointment," says Beckett.  "Only Judge [James] Zagel can know for himself whether or not that factored into the 14 years."

Beckett says it's possible Blagojevich can get his reputation back no matter what happens from here.  He cites the case of former President Bill Clinton following the Monica Lewinsky scandal.


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