How has the first few days of health insurance sign-up gone?   The biggest bump in the road has been a website slow to respond, says David Elin, Illinois state director for the group Enroll America.  “The website has been slow, as expected, and there are some minor delays, but it certainly isn’t discouraging folks from something that’s actually life-changing for them, the ability to sign up for something and get affordable, quality coverage, for many for the first time ever, and that’s certainly exciting,” he said.
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He says some people are waiting out the slow website, while others go back later. He says some individuals are buying insurance, if the website allows it, while others are still in shopping mode.  As for the criticism that the website is confusing or the choices complex, Elin says that’s probably true for some people. He likens the process to buying airline tickets or buying something from, and if people aren’t familiar with that, they might need time and assistance. His group is one of many that is providing assistance.
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