A move to save tax dollars by sharing services between Naperville and an associated township is underway, but not everyone is on board.


West suburban Naperville looks to be the first municipality to take action on reducing the number of governmental units in Illinois with a plan to takeover maintenance of their share of roads in Naperville Township.


Supporters say it’s a work-sharing program but Naperville Township Road Commissioner Stan Wojtasiak said it’s not a work sharing program, it’s a job killing program.


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“It’s a blatant takeover of the township,” Wojtasiak said, “because they want me to completely dissolve the township and get rid of all the people.”


However, Naperville City Manager Doug Krieger sees it differently.


“We view it very much as just a kind of shared service,” Krieger said, “and taking out some  duplicative services that currently exist.”


Wojtasiak said “citizens don’t want their services cut.”


Naperville Mayor Steve Chirico acknowledged some services will be reduced slightly in the consolidation.


“It is true that some of the services for the unincorporated residents will be reduced slightly to the same norm that the incorporated residents receive,” Chirico said. “I think that’s fair and equitable.”    


Regardless Chirico said the move could save taxpayers up to $800,000 a year.


Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti, who chaired a task force that provided recommendations on consolidations, said Naperville residents will make the call.


“They constructed ideas that would streamline and deliver more efficient and effective services for their own Naperville.”


“If the voters want their district dissolved it will definitely be done,” Wojtasiak said.


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