The Wood River Fire Department was called out to the report of a chemical spill on Edwardsville Road yesterday afternoon.  Meanwhile, Bethalto Fire responded to a reported gas leak at Trimpe Middle School.  No one was injured in either case.

In Wood River, fire crews responded to Edwardsville Road at Wood River Avenue where a truck transporting a substance used to treat wastewater, called PolyFloc, spilled some of the material at the intersection.  The chemical was not hazardous, but is very slick and took several hours to clean off the roadway.   Ameren officials confirmed a gas leak in the cafeteria required Trimpe Middle School in Bethalto to be evacuated during the noon hour Tuesday.  Utility workers and Bethalto fire crews responded to the scene and found the leak on an oven control valve.  Once the leak was capped and the school was cleared of fumes, students and staff were allowed to return.


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