Voters have plenty of choices as to how and where to cast a ballot between now and Election Day, for the most part.

Some suburban Cook County precincts didn't have ballots on the first day of early voting this week, but most of the rest of the state hasn't seen any problem with early voting.

LaSalle County Clerk JoAnn Carretto said her early voters will never have to worry about not having a ballot.

"We do what's called ballot on demand. A voter comes in from any precinct, I go and print that ballot and accommodate them."

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Knox County Clerk Steve Erickson said they have plenty of paper ballots. They're not rolling out touch-screen machines yet.

"We've got our paper ballots up and running, but the voters that are coming in early are more than happy to go with the paper ballots," Erickson said.

Registration is also underway. Carretto said if you have to register, get it done early to avoid the lines on Election Day.

While early voting differs from county to county, all voters in the state can both vote and register from now until Election Day at their local election offices.

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