A federal grand jury has indicted 8 people for filing false tax returns, including three people from Alton.  Federal prosecutors say those charged were employed by Masters Touch Cleaning Service based in Missouri.  Charged last week were 38 year old Angenita M. Smith, 36 year old Tammy M. Smith and 41 year old Tracey Macklin all of Alton, along with five others from St. Louis.  

Authorities in the U.S. Attorney's Office of the Southern District of Illinois say in the indictment that the suspects were charged with filing a false federal income tax return.  They also say each of the Smiths were charged with making false statements to IRS Criminal Investigation Agents during the course of the investigation.   Each of the people indicted could face up to five years in prison, with the additional charge of making false statements also holding up to a five year sentence if found guilty.

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