Jeremy R. ColwellAn East Alton man has now been charged in federal court with making bomb threats at an Alton store.  33-year-old Jeremy R. Colwell has been charged with three counts of Conveying a False Threat.  He allegedly phoned in the first of the threats in mid-February.

Colwell could face 5 years in prison and a fine of $250,000 if convicted of the federal charges.  According to investigators, Colwell called in the first threat to Alton Police on February 16, saying a bomb was hidden in Home Depot and would be detonated at a certain time.  The store was cleared, but no bomb was found.  The second threat was phoned in April 2 to Alton Police and a St. Louis television station, The threat was similar in nature, and again it was determined the threat was false.  Two days later the third threat - similar to the first two - was phoned in to the FBI, Home Depot, and a St. Louis TV station. 


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