Illinois farmers are urged to conserve their nutrients as much as possible – with a goal of full participation in these practices by 2025. The program is called Keep It for the Crop by 2025.   Jean Payne, president of the Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association, says it makes economic as well as environmental sense.
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“When farmers spend $300 on a bag of seed, with all that seed technology in it, we’d better be feeding that to maximize the potential of that. Otherwise, you’re just leaving wasted dollars on the table and wasted yields out there. So Keep It for the Crop is all about: how do we take our nutrients and make sure that we’re providing it to the crop in the best available way. And, if the crops take it up, it’s not left to be lost to the environment.”
Payne says farmers who manage their nutrients this way can increase yields. That, she adds, should get their attention.
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