Some of Illinois’ congressional delegation got an earful from Illinois farmers about their frustrations with government getting in their way, during a recent agriculture forum in Springfield.

Moultrie County farmer Dale Crawford has a message for government. “Get out of our way. That’d be preferable. Farmers know what they’re doing.”

U.S. Rep. Darin LaHood (R-Dist. 18) said that’s the general message he heard during the forum. “We need to get the boot off the farmers’ neck when it comes to regulations,” LaHood said. “The Waters of the U.S. is a good example.”

The new EPA rule would require farmers with any body of water on their property to comply with the Clean Water Act, which enforces water pollution standards. Several states are challenging the new water rule. 

LaHood said this is an example of over-regulating farmers.

Trade is also a big issue for farmers wanting to get their goods to the international market, LaHood said.

Meanwhile, Illinois’ estate tax has Crawford worried his children will have to sell part of their property just to pay the government when they inherit the farm.

A chart from the Illinois Attorney General’s Office said a 12 percent death tax is owed when more than $5 million worth of property is handed down from one generation to another. That’s $600,000 owed to the state. The rate goes up to 16 percent for anything over $10 million.

Crawford said that’s a problem. “You’re trying to transfer land to your children who...are going to have to sell half of it just to try to keep half, and that’s kind of a terrible thing to have to do. Hopefully, we can get that resolved.”

In addition to the federal estate tax, Illinois is one of only 15 states and the District of Columbia that has an estate tax, the Tax Foundation said.
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