From sped-up corn crops to big combines to drones to bees – they are all on display at the 2015 Farm Progress Show in Decatur Tuesday through Thursday.

The crop demonstrations are back after an absence of a couple of years at the show. 94-day corn will be on display and could give visitors an idea of what they want to plant at home. “It planted faster, or got harvested more efficiently, or the tillage practice they did” could be the factors in this popular part of the show, says show manager Matt Jungmann.

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Drones – sorry, “unmanned aerial vehicles” – will be demonstrated, too. “They're being used for crop insurance adjusting. They're being used for crop scouting,” Jungmann says. “It gives you a chance to more quickly get a look at the whole field and figure out where your problems are.”

And the bees? “These are our pollinators, and Bayer has taken a special interest in educating folks in their role in the food chain,” says Jungmann. “They're going to be educating people about bees at our main gate.”