This wouldn't be a good time to engage Beau Hanger in a long, deep discussion, especially if the topic is something other than the Farm Progress Show. You might call Hanger the mayor of Progress City USA.   Hanger is director of special events at Richland Community College in Decatur, and much of that job includes managing the site of the Farm Progress Show every other year.
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“We actually utilize this as a community resource to host somewhere between 20 and 50 different events,” he says, “that range from smaller ones that impact not-for-profits, to larger ones like dog shows, car shows, and auctions, as well.”  Don't think the job takes up only three days every other year. “It's maintenance, and the largest piece is logistics; basically, making sure that we have all the pieces in place.  Also, coordinating all the construction on the site.  This year, we have added six new permanent buildings along with one new avenue, all things which need to be done weeks and months and years in advance.”
The show, which alternates between Decatur and Iowa, is Tuesday through Thursday.
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