Farm-related fatalities in Illinois are at an all-time low since a company billing itself as Illinois’ No. 1 farm insurer began keeping track in the 1970s. It’s down to 12 for the twelve months concluded June 30.  Country Financial says the total was 20 last year and 38 the year before.   Some of the reduction is through diligence, some is through luck, and some is because of better equipment.


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“Whether it be putting flashing lights on equipment, or slow-moving emblems, those are things that we’ve engineered into the equipment that have helped save lives through the years,” says Eric Vanasdale, senior loss control representative with Bloomington-based Country, “and the same with covers over pulleys, and (to prevent) grain bin entrapments, we can put safety harnesses and lifelines on.”   The company is promoting this as Farm Safety and Health Week.


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