Hundreds of people inside and outside the state Capitol want everyone to know: marriage is between one man and one woman.   Pastor Richard Giovannetti and his Illinois Family Institute swarmed the Capitol grounds this morning, leading a protest of a Senate-passed same-sex marriage bill. In the shadow of the Lincoln statue on the east side of the Capitol, Giovannetti said the Great Emancipator would approve:
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“He didn’t liberate people for their sexual lifestyle; he liberated people so that they could vote and become American citizens. By passing gay marriage, we’re going to re-enslave people,” he said. “91 percent (of homosexuals) do not even believe they were born gay!”  Gay or straight, this affects you, Giovannetti says. “It’s the breakdown of a nation, and that does radically affect you … (leading to) economic failure (and) national calamity.”
S.B. 10 awaits action in a House committee.
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