A 26-year-old Grafton woman is jailed on a $25,000 bond for allegedly filing a pair of false police reports in recent weeks. The Jersey County Sheriff's Department alleges Ashlee M. Ingold made up stories about being confronted by masked intruders, possibly because she was upset about her live-in boyfriend's new work schedule.

The first report came in August 4, when Ingold claimed she was met by two masked gunmen dressed in all black. She says they were eventually chased off by her dog. Last Friday night, she made another call, this time claiming a single gunman was in her home, took her gun from her, and fired through the screen door after throwing her into the garage.


Jersey County Sheriff Mark Kallal says it was at that point the Illinois State Police K9 unit was brought in to assist, but found no evidence of the alleged intruder.

Kallal comments



She is now charged with two felony counts of disorderly conduct for allegedly making the false statements, and a single count of criminal damage to property.