“Fair share” payments to public sector unions will continue, despite Gov. Bruce Rauner’s executive order to eliminate them. Rauner’s action was supposed to have these payments—which come from state employees who opt not to join unions but still derive benefits from union actions—put in a special account, rather than go to the unions. The comptroller’s office, on advice from the Illinois attorney general, decided to follow state law rather than Rauner’s order. Rauner claims he doesn’t know much about what’s behind the comptroller’s action, but suggested he’s not to blame.


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“I’ve been in meetings and events all day. I haven’t sorted all the facts out. My understanding is that the position of some leaders that gave us advice in the past, they’ve changed their minds and they’ve flip-flopped,” Rauner said. “That happens. We’ll work it through and deal with it.”

Rauner calls this “a bump in the road” for the order, saying he expected plenty of people to be against it.

Unions maintain Rauner’s order was illegal.

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