Freaked out about the unique qualities of your face being stored in a database as part of an updated state-issued ID card? You’re not alone.

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White announced last week that beginning in late July, new IDs and driver’s licenses will be issued that come close to complying with the federal REAL ID Act.

States’ rights group Tenth Amendment Center’s Mike Maharrey said people should understand just how invasive REAL ID can be.

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“Biometric information is going to end up in these databases, people are going to be able to track Americans all over the country and I think a lot of people are very wary of that,” Maharrey said. 

Maharrey said it’s creepy.

Secretary of State Press Secretary Henry Haupt said Illinois’ facial recognition database won’t be available to any other agency.

“This is simply an internal tool that we’ve had for many years. Moving to central issuance heightens its effectiveness significantly,” Haupt said.

Beginning this summer, applicants for new IDs and driver’s licenses will walk away from drivers service facilities with a hole punched in their old ID and a temporary paper ID. They’ll then have to wait up to two weeks for their permanent ID.


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