Godfrey fire officials believe overloaded and overheated extension cords are to blame for the fire that claimed the life of a woman last week. 48 year old Linda Kelley of the first block of Delmar, perished in the early morning fire of December 21 where firefighters found her in her second floor bedroom. Her pet dog was found by her side, and it also died.

The Godfrey Fire Department, Illinois State Fire Marshals Office, and the Madison County Sheriff's Department took part in the investigation. Godfrey Fire Chief John Sowders says the evidence points to an overloaded electrical circuit in the basement:

Sowders comment

Kelley had apparently prepared numerous Christmas gifts for her extended family and had several Christmas trees set up for a large celebration on Christmas Eve. Fire officials say all smoke detectors in the home were sounding a warning when they arrived on the scene, and speculate perhaps her dog had gone to her bedside in an attempt to alert her to the fire.