An agreement has been reached between the American Civil Liberties Union and the Department of Juvenile Justice over conditions at juvenile detention facilities.  After a lawsuit was filed by the ACLU citing poor conditions and services at Illinois juvenile facilities, an agreement was made with the department and a proposed consent decree filed with the court. 
The proposal calls for independent court-appointed experts to review and recommend solutions to improve conditions in five areas at the facilities:
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  • Mental health services
  • Educational services
  • The use of room confinement
  • The safety of young people inside the facilities from violence by staff and other youth
  • Continued commitment of youth beyond their release dates solely for lack of a community placement.
Under the agreement, the experts will review conditions in the eight juvenile detention facilities and file a report with the court. Then the parties and the experts will prepare a plan for the court’s approval. The plan will ultimately be implemented by the department, and monitored by the court-appointed experts and the ACLU.  The agreement comes after the ACLU investigated conditions at juvenile detention facilities across the state.
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