Environmentalists are taking to television to spread the word about how much they disagree with U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) The Natural Resources Defense Council has purchased $1 million worth of advertising to paint Kirk as someone who favors polluters. This has to do with a committee vote Kirk took against an amendment removing states' ability to opt out of the Clean Power Plan.

“He was the deciding vote to block the EPA's Clean Power Plan,” said Henry Henderson, Midwest director of the NRDC. “The Clean Power Plan would set the first ever limits on dangerous carbon pollution that harms Illinoisans' health, harms children's health, and fuels climate change.”

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The commercial, which the Kirk campaign calls “false” and “sickening,” depicts children on breathing treatments for asthma.

“I think people will be amazed at how clean and pristine Lake Michigan is,” Kirk said, trying to burnish his environmental credentials. He said he would not apologize for focusing on that local issue.