A candidate for Congress says a reminder of how much better off you are than you were four years ago comes every time you fill your gas tank.  “It’s a sad testament to where we are today where we settle for gas that’s less than four dollars (per gallon),” Rodney Davis said at a Springfield gas station. “We have access to cheaper -- more supply that we don’t take advantage of here in this country.  And I don’t think we have a focused national energy policy that leads to better supply, which leads to cheaper prices for families.”
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Davis is promoting an “all-of-the-above” plan for energy independence, saying a national gasoline standard, local coal, continental shelf drilling, and the Keystone pipeline can add up to savings for consumers.  Davis has spent much of his career working for U. S. Rep. John Shimkus (R-Collinsville), so why haven’t he and Shimkus been able to make progress on this?  “You know, I think he has. I think he has led the debate to address a lot of the concerns that I’m talking about,” Davis says. “The problem is (that) we’ve had some setbacks over the last four years. I think there are more rules and (regulations) that have been put in place in the Obama administration than (in) the eight years of the last administrations.”
Davis, a Republican from Taylorville, is running in the new 13th District against Democrat Dr. David Gill of Bloomington.
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