The redevelopment of the Defense Area in East Alton continues, with about 10 new homes already occupied, and foundations poured on 11 of the remaining 19 homes planned for Phase 1.  This is a multi-phase project, and excitement continues to build amongst city officials, the contractor doing the work, and prospective homeowners.


The home-ownership part of the plan is similar to a redevelopment that has been happening in parts of Alton.  Roger Wertz, East Alton Code Enforcement Officer, says there are about 70 families on the waiting list to apply for home ownership.



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To get to this point, plenty of work had to be done over the past couple of years.  Existing homes were demolished and streets were realigned.  The development has been dubbed Emerald Ridge, which was the name of the town before being re-named East Alton. 


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