Summer is now unofficially here with Memorial Day Weekend in the rear-view mirror, and many of us will spend at least some time in the water in the months to come.  Safety experts are warning about the dangers of electric shock drowning in lakes and rivers. The Energy Education Council in Springfield is trying to spread the word.


Electric shock drowning can occur when electricity from a dock or a boat plugged into shore power enters the water.  It’s something Kevin Ritz, who lost his 8-year-old son Lucas to this tragedy, learned about quickly.

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The energy education council advises not swimming in a marina or near docks where boats are plugged into a power source.  If you’re in the water and feel an electric current, swim away from anything that could be energized.  If you’re on land and see someone in trouble, don’t enter the water.  Try to throw the victim a float and turn off the power source.

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