A statewide education survey has garnered better-than-expected results, and there’s still time to give input.  Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon heads the Classrooms First Commission, which wrote a survey to gauge opinions about school district efficiency. Simon says this isn’t like other surveys that will sit on the shelf and gather dust once completed.


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“That’s definitely part of our mission from the get-go, is to not make this something that’s just a good collection of ideas with a staple on it,” she says. “We want to make sure these are good ideas that get put into action and that benefit students in the state of Illinois.”  Simon says more than 300 residents have so far filled out the survey online, combined with the hundreds who have testified in person at commission hearings. Residents can fill out the survey through Friday (Dec. 2). The Classrooms First Commission’s report is due to the governor next summer.  The survey is available at www.ltgov.il.gov


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