Paul VallasThe governor’s running mate wants Republican governor candidate Bruce Rauner to explain how allowing the income tax hike to expire wouldn’t result in cuts to education.  Paul Vallas, the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor, has launched a counterattack aimed at Rauner, who has bashed Gov. Pat Quinn’s plan to make the temporary tax increase permanent. Vallas claimed it’s not possible to lower the tax rate without reducing school funding.
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“It’s extremely misleading to suggest to people—not only insulting—that you can suggest to people that ‘Oh, we’re just gonna let these rates roll down and we’re gonna lose billions of dollars, but don’t worry: education’s not gonna be cut,” Vallas said. “I’ve heard that song and dance way too many times.”  The Quinn campaign released an analysis of the potential cuts for certain districts, attributing the figures to Rauner. Rauner, however, has not released a budget proposal or detailed his plans for education funding.
Vallas said his experience with schools, most recently as a superintendent in Connecticut, has showed him the consequences of cuts at the state level.
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