People who like nicotine but don't want to smoke are turning to electronic cigarettes. But how safe they really are is still unknown.  A couple of bills which aim to keep them away from kids has passed the committee stage in the Illinois House. One would require retailers to put the e-cigarettes and other forms of nicotine behind the counter, as tobacco products are now.
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The other would require child-proof packaging for refills of liquid nicotine. “They're becoming more appealing (to children) because of flavors like chocolate and bubble gum,” said Dr. Barbara Takahashi, who testified to a committee while holding a colorful “fruit smoothie” refill. The liquid nicotine is dangerous when swallowed.
  • HB 5689 (refills) has passed the House Human Services Committee.
  • HB 5868 (behind the counter) has passed the House Consumer Protection Committee.
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