Law enforcement groups are getting closer to supporting a measure allowing citizens to record audio and video of police officers on duty in public places.   A similar bill failed a few weeks ago, but the sponsor tweaked it to make it a felony to submit altered tapes as evidence in court.  Dan Nelson of the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police state lodge says that’s not what cops are concerned about.


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“We return to the notion of anyone may record a uniformed, that’s the new part, a uniformed officer in the performance of their duties,” he says. “With that change alone, it has shifted. I’ve been committed to from other folks that they would shift from their strong opposition.”   Sponsoring State Rep. Elaine Nekritz (D-Northbrook) says she’s open to discussing such a change, but she doesn’t want to specifically write it into law. She says she’d prefer to say the videographer would have to know they’re recording a police officer.   S.B. 1808 passed a committee and now makes its way to the full House.


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